About the Author

Steven Beeny was born and raised in Cambridgeshire, England. He grew up near RAF Wyton, which was at that time, home to the Royal Air Force’s last Canberra squadrons. He developed an obsession with this classic aircraft, and spent many a day of his childhood planespotting and building model kits. After moving to live in the USA, this passion for military history and aircraft never left him.

Over the last decade, Steven began a series of email conversations with air and ground crews around the world, discussing their experiences with the Canberra. Using social media to network with veterans and special interest groups, Steven was able to interview men and women from 11 different countries and compile a book of their fascinating experiences. He has made many strong friendships, and on occasion had the pleasure of visiting some of these people and surviving Canberras in the UK, USA and Argentina. He remains passionate about telling untold or forgotten personal histories, and is currently writing new book on the Ethiopian Air Force Canberra squadron, and a profiles art book to accompany The Canberra Experience.

Steven works as a graphic designer in southern California, USA with his wife and two children.